Dive shop safety standards

We Anemone will obey PADI’S standard, and continue our no accident record.
  1. During diving, after marking max depth,every action means accent. So accent must be done very slowly.
  2. Check your regurator once again on the surface
  3. Make sure of you to have a back up air source with you.
  4. Half depth of your max you should try to do deep stops.
  5. At the moment you come back, please stop around 5msafety stops 3 or 5 minutes.
  6. After safety 3min. safty stop, please try to accent still more slowly.
  7. Make sure to take enough surface time.
  8. Take enough water to lower concentration of your body.
  9. We usually dive 2 or 3times a day. if you want to dive 4 times or more, you shuld choose shallower place. The day before you take an airplane, you had better not dive 4 times.
  10. Also let’s start deeper place, For example,1st dive is 30m 2nd one is 18m 3rd one is 13m
  11. The day you take an airplane you shouldn’t dive. Silent babbles are will be getting bigger.
  12. Please don’t carry too much weight.
  13. Stop diving if the thunder storm comes.