Camera Man: Shin, Araki


Camera Man: Syuku, Iwata

P9071463Miyakojima in Okinawa is a diving paradise where you can see a lot of kinds of holes, caves. This geographically world has no parallel in the world. Some holes are positioned around 10m in depth, Others are 20m, or30m. There are many kinds of them. Sometimes top of the hole is on the surface of the land. Another one is 5m below the surface. This makes interesting phenomenon. The light from the top are moving and turning by the wave. Some holes are wide, some holes are narrow. But it’s not so long time for you to go. You can see the blue light coming soon. DSD diver can’t go inside of the hole. Besides they can go under the arch or nice way between the walls. Also the light there paints a picture with the light. The art of nature,The origin of life! Diving in Miyakojima is incredible! So many times I’ve been diving there, then I have never seen the same scene again. I become always a little bit sentimental about this great diving in Miyako.